Oleg Karuvits began to paint in 1992. At that time, being a student of the Department of the History and Theory of Art at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, he also attended the class of drawing lead by Professor Lydia Davidenkova. The artist finds the greatest inspiration for his work in studying masterpieces and visiting museums. His strong belief is that a good knowledge of art traditions helps an artist to develop his/her own style. Oleg regards portrait as the most important genre in his creative work. His paintings include dozens of self-portraits, portraits of family and friends. A series of portraits of the St.Petersburg prima ballerinas Alla Osipenko (the Kirov Ballet) and Ulyana Lopatkina (the Mariinsky Theatre) alongside the recently painted portraits of Maria Callas are worthy of special mention. Religious themes as well as classical ballet and dance have become special subjects of the artist's work. His manner could be defined as realistic and figurative.

In 2010 Oleg achieved from the University of Amsterdam a postgraduate degree in conservation of paintings.



1992-1997 Study at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts (also known as the St. Petersburg Repin Institute), Department of the History and Theory of Art.

1992-1995 Attended class of drawing (Professor Lydia Davidenkova).

1993 Participated in the archaeological expedition to the North-West district of Russia.

1994 Was engaged in practical work in the State Russian Museum (Department of the 18th-19th centuries painting).

1996-1997 Did research on the 19th-20th centuries English Art (“The Pre-Raphaelites` Painting and Tradition of the National School”, “The Moral aspects of English Art of the Middle of the 19th-20th Centuries”).

1998-2000 Research officer and exhibition manager of the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music. Had arranged various loan and permanent exhibitions: permanent exhibition “Ballet of St. Petersburg. 19th-20th centuries” (1998), one-costume exhibition “The Mermaid” designed by M. Vrubel (1998), mono-exhibitions of modern photographers N. Tsehomskaya and B. Rubinstein (1998), “History of the Kirov in photography of V. Baranovsky” (1998), loan exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the St. Petersburg State Puppet-theatre named after Demeni (1999); also participated as one of the curators in the all-city exhibition dedicated to the bicentennial of A. Pushkin (the St. Petersburg Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, 1999), loan exhibition “Unknown Roerich”(2000), loan exhibition “Russian Hamlet” (the State Hermitage, 2000), loan exhibition “Music of Shostakovitch” (2000).

Participated in the international exhibition “Spectacular St.Petersburg: 100 Years of Russian Theatre Design”(Columbus Art Museum, Columbus, Ohio; Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas; USA, 1999-2000).

2001 Was invited as guest curator for permanent exhibition “Stars of Russian Ballet” in the Memorial museum of Samoilov Family.

2005 Became a member of the Rotterdam Center For Fine Arts (CBK Rotterdam).

2005-2010 Study at the University of Amsterdam, Conservation of Paintings.